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Big jobs call for big equipment, big crews, and big risks. These are all problems the owners of excavating businesses face every day. More often than not, they struggle to find the right insurance coverage.

As an excavation contractor, you face significant liability risks each time you begin to move earth. These can include risks associated with adequate soil compaction and meeting proper grades for water runoff, as well as first-party property damage exposures to your heavy equipment. You also face risks associated with equipment operator error; hitting underground utilities that can cause widespread damage; and worker injury from strains, falls from equipment, or being caught in or under heavy materials and equipment.

Soil conditions prone to movement, such as landslides and mudslides, soil runoff on the jobsite and other risks associated with environmental regulation, are a real concern for excavation contractors.

We have a deep understanding of the business risks you face and deliver the risk control, and claim expertise your business demands.

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