The Sam and Nada Simon Foundation

Our History of Involvement

In 2019, the Canopy Insurance Group was created as a part of the Simon Group Holdings family. Being a part of the family goes further than just the business aspects of today's world. Founder, Chairman, and owner of Simon Group Holdings, Sam Simon has direct involvement in all SGH entities meaning he is involved with all things Canopy. Having Sam Simon work with Canopy and directly involved with The Sam and Nada Simon Foundation, there was an immediate role for Canopy to help the foundation grow.

The Sam and Nada Simon Foundation’s giving is guided by their values and are committed to adhering to these principles:

  • Direct support
  • Create opportunities
  • Build community

It is the foundation’s intent that they directly impact those in need.  They accomplish this by opening doors for those in disadvantaged neighborhoods and through community building.

Guiding Principles

Support for Heroes

The Sam and Nada Simon Foundation believes in personally getting involved in the organizations it supports. They are deeply grateful to the U.S. military men and women who selflessly serve to protect our freedom. Together with the Atlas Cares employee team, the Simon’s have hosted an annual holiday celebration for military families at Michigan’s Selfridge Air National Guard Base since 2006. The Foundation also actively supports the needs of our law enforcement community, funding everything from K-9 units to Secret Santa initiatives.

Youth Empowerment

The Sam and Nada Simon Foundation believe that children are our future and are full of unlimited potential. Through educational and mentoring opportunities for children from disadvantaged communities, The Sam and Nada Simon Foundation aims to open doors to those who face challenges due to poverty, disability or lack of a support system.