Manufacturing Insurance

We Deliver Solutions

The manufacturing sector is a key driver to many economies around the world and collectively, a large contributor to growth in the global economy.

We dedicate ourselves to understanding your business and knowing what sets you apart from the rest. Whether you manufacture steel or paper boxes, skincare treatments, boats, agricultural equipment and more, our team designs solutions that fit your needs.

Adaptability, innovation, and governance serve as differentiators in a highly competitive landscape and dynamic risk universe. Manufacturers embracing change and risk within their operating environments are more likely to emerge as leaders in the sector.

Understanding Technology’s Role & Risks

We understand how technology – automation, artificial intelligence and robotics – are changing not only how work gets done but the very nature of work itself and the evolving role people are playing in this new landscape. With our innovative, holistic approach to people, risk management and capital, Canopy Insurance can help unlock potential to reach your goals.

Manufacturing Plant
Manufacturing Plant