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Canopy Property Team

Real estate casts a wide net and can face a variety of challenges. Real estate companies must have extraordinary judgment and skills to optimize return on investment. Amid interest-rate uncertainty, regulatory, legislative and tax changes and more, real estate companies must have foresight and timing to create long-term value. The Canopy Property team begins by evaluating your existing program and risks; identifying opportunities to reduce risk and improve structure, coverage, and cost. Successfully marketing your property program starts with a compelling underwriting submission. Your customized property underwriting submission showcases your strengths and sets the framework to produce the most competitive results. We work with you to address your changing needs, reduce surprises, and foster long-term relationships.

Take A Strategic Approach to Risk Management

Our team also offers comprehensive in-house catastrophic loss modeling for natural events like windstorms, hail, earthquakes and floods. Additionally, we offer coverage for renters’ insurance, security deposit insurance, terrorism and cyber.

Real Estate Buildings
Real Estate Buildings